TAVIL philosophy is not only the creation of a customer-supplier relationship but also the settlement of a working partnership in order to fulfil the packaging and palletizing needs of today as well as ensuring a successful tomorrow, through flexible and modular solutions.

The automatic loading systems are multiformat and ready to work with different products and mosaics.
TAVIL develops the program, the integration, the design and the complete solution.

  • Anthropomorphic robots and product distributors
  • Anthropomorphic robots and product distributors

Customized product distributors

TAVIL product distributors work with multiformat systems allowing different product arrangements previous to the
loading process. There are different types of product distributors in accordance with product types, product cadence and product box mosaics.

Customized grippers

Depending on the product type, product shape and product weight, TAVIL customizes the grippers using suction pads, mechanical applications or a mix of both systems.